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    Collaborative Design
    Working with contractors is what we do and achieving the highest quality build
    along with the most visually appealing and structurally sound is what we are known
    for.        Serving you the customer circa 1999
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    Built In-House
    As the saying goes if you want it done right do it yourself.
    Using precise servo motor driven saws along with our skilled staff
    and accurate designs results in the utter highest quality of builds
    and allows for ultimate quality assurance.
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    Delivery Services Galore
    Getting your product on time is our top priority.
    Which is why we rely on our delivery services to get them to you
    wherever you are!

Your Ideas

We will work with your initial designs to create your ideal roof and subfloor system.

Our Experts

Our experts work hand in hand with contractors, architects and you the client to bring your ideas to life with the strength and quality of Superior Wood Products.

Built/Designed In-House

Using the latest software, building techniques and materials we will get your job done from start to finish all in house!

Delivered On Time!

Whether you are in Essex County, Michigan or even anywhere else in Ontario, we can ship our products right to your work site!

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Rough Construction is a great tool for any contractor! Giving great tips and showcasing the newest and best building supplies on the market!


Ideas is Castle's personal contractor handbook to tools of the trade that have been passed down through the Castle community! Be sure to take a look at this!


Contractor Advantage piles all of a general contractor's needs into one! The best part is if you see something you like we will have it in stock or can order it at the blink of an eye. Don't you worry, Amherst Supply has got you covered!

What We Offer

  • Planned Review

    Each project is site measured followed by a design process which includes internal checks and balances. Kiln dried lumber is then hand selected for the manufacturing process.

  • Contractor Friendly

    Working hand in hand with contractors is what we do here at Superior. Architects are also welcome and our knowledgeable staff are sure to be a great help!

  • Design Ready

    Using the latest software, Superior is ready to tackle any challenge you may have whether it be structural or Visual.

  • Payments Accepted

    We accept most major credit cards and other popular payment methods. Feel free to contact the team here at Superior for more information on our payment methods available.

  • Material Suggestion

    It can be difficult to know what type of Truss or Subfloor system to go with. Superior makes it easy and can tell you exactly what you need depending on your situation.

  • Builder Recommendation

    Being in the business as long as we have we can easily suggest a list of professional and dependable constructors that would be glad to erect your truss system for you.

  • Delivery Services

    Serving the county and beyond, Superior has no limits as to where we will bring your products having experience in the United States as well as other provinces, we've been everywhere!

  • Building Packages

    Building a series of homes? Or maybe just need your building accessories supplied to you. Well Superior has got you covered. Dealing with local building supply partners we can get you everything you need for your home from roofing supplies to engineered stud systems and a whole list of other things. Let us know what building supplies you need and we can bundle it all for a great price!

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Material Quality. Design Accuracy. Solid Construction. Effective Customer Support. These are what Superior stands for.